Holland Park

A unique part of town where you’ll feel right at home in no time at all. Just the right amount of big city allure, refreshing, exciting where it needs to be but safe and cosy at the same time. You’re surrounded by daring designs by acclaimed architects of international fame. For example, Sjoerd Soeters, known for his innovative urban planning projects with friendly, original and disarming appearance. Here it provided plucky facades, hard but never cold. Pleasantly diverse in materials, lines and colours. Nice views and plenty of daylight thanks to the large windows. Downstairs there are cosy views, quiet streets and squares, courtyards where you mingle with your new neighbours. Quality living without the soaring rents asked elsewhere.

Variation in housing

Different character and layout. What suits you? In Holland Park you have the choice. Ten types of housing, high-rise and terraced, from type A to J with small variations possible in each. There’s 2, 3 and 4 roomed housing. Balcony, garden, landing, terrace or roof garden, you name it. A view on the canals or the city skyline are at your disposal.
All apartments are generously outfitted: complete kitchens with built-in appliances and comfortable bathrooms. The living area – expressed in usable area – varies from 43 to 143 square meters, and everything in between. Use the Clickable Building (Listings) and make your step-by-step choice to find the most suitable house.


Nearly convinced? Make an appointment with one of the estate agents and take a look around in Holland Park. We’ve created a model home for inspection.